Monday, March 31, 2014

2014 VA Trip - Part 4

I made it to the Coeburn Community Library with a downpour accompany as I drove to my destination. It's always a great feeling to speak with the librarians who watched my journey as a reader, and later as a writer, with pride and joy. This is why I love library visits, even if the turnout is not always huge.

Just being able to be surrounded by so many stories, creativity, facts and knowledge is enough to make me giddy. But I'm going off the path so time to get back.

Had a small turnout which was still nice. I got to talk about my novels, answer questions and enjoyed myself tremendously. I also got the chance to give back to the library that was crucial to my childhood/teen years as a reader. I donated all the titles to my books that they did not already have. I hope that others from my hometown will get a chance to enjoy my works and go on many adventures with my characters.

Have to pack the car for the return trip and worry about the snow that is inbound.

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