Friday, July 31, 2015

Kishaz Reading Corner: The Kiss that Launched 1000 Gifs by Sheralyn Pratt

This is a repost of my review which originally published on July 21, 2015 on my Indie Author How-to Blog.

Disclaimer: I received no compensation from the author or publisher for this honest review.

About the Book

Each weekday from 2:00-4:00 p.m., Grace and Ashton cohost Battle of the Sexes, a radio program arguing the he-said/she-said issues of the day. Their fiery debates often have listeners wondering if there’s more to their relationship than just talk, even though Grace has been dating Phillip, Mr. Tall, Dark, and Perfect, since long before she ever met Ashton Miller.

Yet when news comes that Battle of the Sexes is on the bubble for cancellation, Grace and Ashton need to step up their efforts to engage their audience to keep the show alive. When a charity organization approaches them and proposes that the two of them kiss for a fund raiser, Grace and Ash agree to kiss for a good cause. A kiss is just a kiss, right?

Or can one kiss really change everything?

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Here's what I'm giving it:

Rating: 5 stars

Here's why:

I have so many words I want to use to describe this book: amazing, hilarious, touching, captivating. And even then, these four don't do it justice.

Ashton and Grace are my new favorite main characters. The humor, the emotions, the banter, it was everything you'd like to see in a romantic story. Neither character overpowered or outdid the other. They truly complemented one another.

I ranted, cheered, cried, and did a happy dance as I devoured this book in one sitting. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone looking for a feel-good, funny and relationship centered story.

Would I recommend this book? Yes! Yes! Yes! I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Netgalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge 2015 - Summer Updates

Falling For YA
If you wish to participate, you can sign up HERE.

These are the books I still have to read. My 2015 list is definitely smaller. Don't forget you can check out all my Netgalley reviews here.

Status of lists

Year Total TBR Completed Still to read
2013 51 13 38
2014 60 6 54
2015 21 (as of July 2015) 1 20

TBR 2013
A Shimmer of Angels - Lisa M. Basso
Broken Forest - Eliza Tilton
Compliance - Maureen McGowan
Dragonwitch - Ann Elisabeth Stengl
Dream Girl
Echo Prophecy
Escaping Reality
External Forces
Forbidden to Love - D.A. Wills
Hero's Lot, The - Patrick W. Carr
King Hall
Mage Fire - C. Aubrey Hall
Mistress of the Solstice
Night Creatures
Rebels Divided
Safe in His Arms
Scrap - Emory Sharplin
Shadow Allegiance
She Is Not Invisible
Spirit - Brigid Kemmerer
Stargazing from Nowhere
The Bane - Keary Taylor
The Dominant - Tara Sue Me
The Naturals
The Silver Chain
The Trials of the Core
The Waking Dreamer
Tin Star
Will in Scarlet - Matthew Cody
Winds of Purgatory

TBR 2014
A Curse Unbroken
A Secret Colton Baby
Alex + Ada volume 1
Black Rook
Blind Faith
Blood Assassin
Blood Orange Soda
Catch Me When I Fall
Clipped Wings
Danny Dirks and the Heir of Pendragon
Dark Hope
Dark Wolf Returning
Delucca's Marriage Contract
Don't Judge a Lizard by His Scales
Dragon Defender
Fire Heart
Iskida of the Land of Nurak
Jhanmar World Travellers
Lingering Echoes
Love's Paradox
Luminae Vol 1
On Her Watch
One is Enough
Raytara - Judgement of the Stars
Shadow Heart
Since You've Been Gone
Star Trek: Khan
Stitching Snow
Stones of Power
Street Fighter Origins: Akuma
Tales from OZ
The Amulet of Sleep
The Boy a Thousand Years Wide
The Circle
The Fifth Vertex
The Mark of the Dragonfly
The One
The Thirteenth Tower
Thirty Days to Win His Wife
Transformers Primacy
Waking up Pregnant
We are the Goldens
Worth the Fall

TBR 2015 (so far)
Cursed by Ice
Eden Vol 1
Everywhere It's You
In Search of Lost Dragons
King of the World
Monster Squad: The Iron Golem
Rocco's Wings
Seeker Arwen (Elys Dayton)
Stones of Power
Thirty Days to Win His Wife
Transformers Primacy
Witches Be Burned

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Netgalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge 2015: July

Disclaimer: I received no compensation from the author, Netgalley or the publisher for this honest review.

About the Book

Join Blue Ocean Bob on his journey to protect all life in the Sea of Kerchoo
Blue Ocean Bob loves the sea and wants to dedicate his life to protecting it. He begins a new job as assistant to Mary Marine, the Island of Roses's leading marine biologist, and with his hummingbird guardian, Xena, by his side, works hard to carry out his duties to the sea creatures both on and off the shore.

When the challenges mount, Bob seeks advice from Doc the turtle, Earl the clam, and Wallace the walrus, who each help him to develop the positive attitude he needs to succeed.

The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob: A Challenging Job is the second installment in this colorful and inspiring early chapter book series that provides young readers with an introduction to timeless principles of achievement.

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Here's what I'm giving it:

Rating: 4 stars

Here's why:

The illustrations in this book were stunning. I got this one to read with my science-obsessed youngster who loved it. It also was easy to read and kept my child engaged for the entire length of the story.

Would I recommend this? Yes. It is a good book for children.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Free ebooks Review: Death Wish by Megan Tatye

Disclaimer: I received no compensation from the author or publisher for this honest review.

About the Book

Book #1 in The Ceruleans series


The Ceruleans: mere mortals infused with power over life and death. Five books; one question: If the might of the heavens were in your hands, would you be sinner or saint?

Seventeen-year-old Scarlett Blake is haunted by death. Her estranged sister has made the ultimate dramatic exit. Running away from school, joining a surfing fraternity, partying hard: that sounds like Sienna. But suicide? It makes no sense.

Following in her sister’s footsteps, Scarlett comes to an isolated English cove with grand plans to uncover the truth. Alone. But she hasn’t reckoned on meeting two boys who are determined to help her. Luke: the blue-eyed surfer who’ll see the real Scarlett, who’ll challenge her, who’ll save her. And Jude: the elusive drifter with a knack for turning up whenever Scarlett’s in need.

As Scarlett’s quest for the truth unravels, so too does her grip on reality as she’s always known it. Because there’s something strange going on in this little cove. A dead magpie circles the skies. A dead deer watches from the undergrowth. Hands glow with light. Warmth. Power.

What transpires is a summer of discovery. Of what it means to conquer fear. To fall in love. To choose life. To choose death.

To believe the impossible. 

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Here's what I'm giving it:

Rating: 2.5 stars

Here's why:

The reason I chose this read was because of the blurb. It looked like it would be a good paranormal read while addressing the issue of suicide. I made it to chapter 6 (around 10% according to my Kindle) and then I stopped. I tried to get into this one, I really did, but I couldn't get behind the main character.

She drove me crazy and not in a good way. I know that everyone grieves differently when a loved one dies. But if you're trying to solve the why, you don't go and do the same things half-baked and expect to get answers.

This story is also first-person point-of-view which I always have a love/hate relationship when it comes to stories written in that fashion. You either get it right, halfway right or it goes wrong. I felt that this one was a halfway type of reading. Yes, I was initially interested in her thoughts and feelings but it quickly went downhill and I lost interest in her inner turmoil.

Would I recommend this book? I'm on the fence. I personally didn't like it. Doesn't mean you won't. Choose at your own risk.