Thursday, October 29, 2015

Werelove Series Updates

I promised to give a Werelove series update and here I go.

  1. The outline for book #4 Dawn Metamorphosis is in the process of being completed. So far there are about 40 chapters outlined and I'm not in halfway through everything that needs to happen in this book.
  2. Re-editing for the first three books is in the process of being completed. I'm glad I went back and re-read them because small mistakes and some dangling, unresolved issues were brought before me and are now being integrated into books 4's & 5's storylines. The updated books 1-3 (ebook formats first) will be out by the end of December 2015. The paperbacks should be completed by the end of February 2016.
  3. I know some readers over the years have asked when will hardcovers be available for my books. I'm hoping to get that going in 2016.
For those of you who have to have your Werelove fix, I started an online short story/novella-like series called the Werelove Journals. I began it back in 2014 on Tumblr as a secret treat for those who had signed up for the Werelove Series newsletter (which if you'd like, you can sign-up here.). I then added syndication to Wattpad (which runs 4 journal entries behind Tumblr). Journal entries are posted bi-weekly according to a day of the week picked for that character. Usually 2 characters' journals are going at once.

The Werelove Journals take various characters from the Werelove universe and gives you a first-person look into moments of their lives that are not covered in the books. Below is the list of what is available to be read. Feel free to read either on Tumblr or Wattpad and leave feedback if you feel like it.

Tumblr (follow me) and Wattpad (follow me).

Completed stories:
Britta -  Tumblr   |  Wattpad
Donil -  Tumblr  |  Wattpad (ends November 17)

In-progress stories:
 -  Tumblr   |  Wattpad

Started October 2015:
Drayden -  Tumblr   |  Wattpad (begins December 24)

2016 stories:
Zina -  Tumblr (begins February 2016)   |  Wattpad (begins April 2016)

Possible future Journals

If you have character not mentioned that you would like to see given a journal run, leave the name in the comments.

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