Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Kishaz Reading Corner: The Brunelli Baby Bargain by Kim Lawrence

Disclaimer: I have received no compensation from the author or publisher for this honest review.

About the Book

Dark, imposing billionaire Cesare Brunelli lost his sight saving a little girl from a burning car. The only person who treated him without pity was the soft-skinned virgin with whom he spent a passionate night. Now she's expecting his baby!

Samantha gets the one reaction she didn't expect—a marriage demand! But when Cesare suddenly regains his sight, Sam's sure he's going to trade her—his diminutive, fiery-haired bride—for one of the tall, slim blondes he used to date….

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Here's what I'm giving it:

Rating: 3.5 stars

Here's why:

My first impression of Cesare was that he is a jerk. Some of the attitude is understandable since he lost his sight. During that time he was loved by a woman he couldn't see but who left a big impression on him.

Enter Samantha. She was a virgin when she gave into her desires and shared a hot passionate night with Cesare. The consequences are unexpected and it forces the two to take very drastic steps.

Samantha is shy and has a had time standing up for herself. But she has to if she wants the life she wishes to have.she is very shy and has a hard time around people.

Cesare is deeper than he appears and sparks fly when he offers marriage.

Would I recommend this? It was a decent read, so yes.

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