Thursday, July 7, 2016


This is a short post but, I feel, a needed one for me.

I'm often asked, how do you write? There is no one way for me. I've done various methods over the years but one thing I have found to be a factor in my writing is staying motivated when the chaos of my personal overtakes my need and desire to write.

Maybe it's because of how I write, and the fact that I have such complex characters, that I often have trouble getting into a writing groove and sustaining it. I want to write. My characters demand that I do so but I just can't do it.

It is a rather awful feeling, much like the one I get when I feel that I'm letting someone down. My readers are great, and even encouraging, and that for me is double-edged sword. I want to make them happy with my stories but being unable to write is depressing.

Such a tangled web has been woven around me. I will struggle with all my might and perhaps, like the phoenix, I will rise in a nice blaze of glory.

Only time and my sanity will bear truth.

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