Thursday, January 30, 2014

How Kisha Got Her Groove

I feel like I've woken from a long sleep and now that I'm back to reality it feels great. Much of 2013 was about changes for me -- marriage, moving, new location, new schools, married life and starting a new business.

Between all those life events, I had little time for writing. I did manage to get the sequel, The Melody (book 2 in the Elemental Symphony series), completed and out but it was my only one.

It was a strange feeling, only releasing one book. Since my debut in 2010, I've always managed to get release at least 2 books a year (sometimes more). In December I was left feeling, well, unproductive and a little bit like a failure.

My creative juices decided to go on hiatus and one of my biggest fears happened. My characters went silent. To me there is nothing scarier than not hearing the normal ruckus of people's stories buzzing in the background of your waking thoughts.

Thankful after a quiet New Year's eve and a quiet New Year's day, my inner calm was restored and I got my mojo, and characters back.

Move over Stella, you're not the only one who's got her groove back.

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