Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I Really Hate Spammers

Well, thanks to spammers, my newly "My Inner Muse" site went over the database limit and was locked down by GoDaddy as a safety precaution.

I've had enough of this insanity, really, I have. First, it was my Wordpress site with the malicious code they dropped in that earned it a place on Google's malicious sites list. Then I decided to switch content platforms and go with Drupal (which by the way is an awesome platform.) for my blog, my author website and my new author services and promotions company.

I'm not having in trouble with the latter two being targeted but because of one moment of forgetfulness on my blog, spammers dove in and destroyed what I had built.

So I'm done using content platforms for my blog. I'm sticking to blogger because I've had no trouble with my blogger sites.

I will be creating archives from both of the old site locations so that my content is not lost and I'll post links up once it's done. But as of now, this is me turning over a new leaf and I couldn't be happier.

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