Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kishaz Reading Corner: The Wedding Surprise by Trish Wylie/Mizuho Ayabe

Disclaimer: I received no compensation from the author or publisher for this honest review.

About the Book

Caitlin decides to be cast in the new TV show Fake Fiancé when she discovers her father's enormous debt. The distasteful plot of the show is for two strangers to pretend they are lovers and expose their lies at their wedding three months later. When the participants successfully complete three months without being discovered, they are paid a large sum of money. Caitlin's fake fiancé, Aiden, appears to be a wild and intimidating man, and enjoys giving Caitlin the cold stare for some reason. Caitlin soon regrets her decision, but she is resolved to complete this job to save her family. But when she finds out Aiden's true identity, her heart succumbs to him...!

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Here's what I'm giving it:

Rating: 4 stars

Here's why:

Everyone at some point in their lives has been desperate to save or protect something precious to them. That is the case with Caitlin, a nice young woman who is trying to save her father from his huge debt. Despite her misgivings, she agrees to do a reality TV show and ends up with more than she bargained.

Aiden, who is her partner in crime was an intriguing mix of inner demons and moral seesawing that kept me invested in the two of them and their relationship.

Would I recommend this book? Yes! This one definitely was an emotional one.

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