Tuesday, January 26, 2016

#1000blackgirlbooks - A Good Cause

Thanks to a Mediabistro article, I found out that a book drive was being done by the GrassRoots Community Foundation in West Orange, New Jersey that is looking to gather books that feature black female characters.

I called to make sure of the genres they are willing to accept and there seems to be no cap on what genre, only that a black female character be one of the main leads.

I'm going to donate books 1 & 2 of my Elemental Symphony series which features 4 girls that are based on real life young ladies. You have one hispanic, two bi-racial (both characters have one black parent) and one white character. The planned six-book fantasy series features the four girls going on quests to learn about about their powers and to save the kingdom from an evil despot queen.

If you are an author who writes books that feature black female characters, please visit the website and find out how you can help this wonderful cause.

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